# -*- coding: utf-8  -*-
This is a Bot written by Filnik to add a text at the end of the page but above
categories, interwiki and template for the stars of the interwiki (default).
Alternatively it may also add a text at the top of the page.
These command line parameters can be used to specify which pages to work on:
Furthermore, the following command line parameters are supported:
-page             Use a page as generator
-talkpage         Put the text onto the talk page instead the generated on
-text             Define which text to add. "\n" are interpreted as newlines.
-textfile         Define a texfile name which contains the text to add
-summary          Define the summary to use
-except           Use a regex to check if the text is already in the page
-excepturl        Use the html page as text where you want to see if there's
                  the text, not the wiki-page.
-newimages        Add text in the new images
-untagged         Add text in the images that don't have any license template
-always           If used, the bot won't ask if it should add the text
-up               If used, put the text at the top of the page
-noreorder        Avoid to reorder cats and interwiki
--- Example ---
# This is a script to add a template to the top of the pages with
# category:catname
# Warning! Put it in one line, otherwise it won't work correctly.
python -cat:catname -summary:"Bot: Adding a template"
-text:"{{Something}}" -except:"\{\{([Tt]emplate:|)[Ss]omething" -up
# Command used on it.wikipedia to put the template in the page without any
# category.
# Warning! Put it in one line, otherwise it won't work correctly.
python -excepturl:"class='catlinks'>" -uncat
-text:"{{Categorizzare}}" -except:"\{\{([Tt]emplate:|)[Cc]ategorizzare"
-summary:"Bot: Aggiungo template Categorizzare"
--- Credits and Help ---
This script has been written by Botwiki's staff, if you want to help us
or you need some help regarding this script, you can find us here:
# (C) Filnik, 2007-2010
# (C) Pywikipedia bot team, 2007-2010
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
__version__ = '$Id: 10039 2012-03-23 15:34:47Z xqt $'
import re, pagegenerators, urllib2, urllib
import wikipedia as pywikibot
from pywikibot import i18n
import codecs, config
import webbrowser
# This is required for the text that is shown when you run this script
# with the parameter -help.
docuReplacements = {
    '&params;':     pagegenerators.parameterHelp,
nn_iw_msg = u'<!--interwiki (no, sv, da first; then other languages alphabetically by name)-->'
class NoEnoughData(pywikibot.Error):
    """ Error class for when the user doesn't specified all the data needed """
class NothingFound(pywikibot.Error):
    """ An exception indicating that a regex has return [] instead of results."""
# Useful for the untagged function
def pageText(url):
    """ Function to load HTML text of a URL """
        request = urllib2.Request(url)
        request.add_header("User-Agent", pywikibot.useragent)
        response = urllib2.urlopen(request)
        text =
        # When you load to many users, urllib2 can give this error.
    except urllib2.HTTPError:
        pywikibot.output(u"Server error. Pausing for 10 seconds... " + time.strftime("%d %b %Y %H:%M:%S (UTC)", time.gmtime()) )
        return pageText(url)
    return text
def untaggedGenerator(untaggedProject, limit = 500):
    """ Function to get the pages returned by this tool: """
    lang = untaggedProject.split('.', 1)[0]
    project = '.' + untaggedProject.split('.', 1)[1]
    if lang == 'commons':
        link = ''
        link = '' + lang + '&wikifam=' + project + '&order=img_timestamp&max=' + str(limit) + '&ofs=0&max=' + str(limit)
    text = pageText(link)
    #print text
    regexp = r"""<td valign='top' title='Name'><a href='http://.*?\.org/w/index\.php\?title=(.*?)'>.*?</a></td>"""
    results = re.findall(regexp, text)
    if results == []:
        print link
        raise NothingFound(
'Nothing found! Try to use the tool by yourself to be sure that it works!')
        for result in results:
            yield pywikibot.Page(pywikibot.getSite(), result)
def add_text(page = None, addText = None, summary = None, regexSkip = None,
             regexSkipUrl = None, always = False, up = False, putText = True,
             oldTextGiven = None, reorderEnabled = True, create=False):
    if not addText:
        raise NoEnoughData('You have to specify what text you want to add!')
    if not summary:
        summary = i18n.twtranslate(pywikibot.getSite(), 'add_text-adding',
                                   {'adding': addText[:200]})
    # When a page is tagged as "really well written" it has a star in the
    # interwiki links. This is a list of all the templates used (in regex
    # format) to make the stars appear.
    starsList = [
        u'bom interwiki',
        u'cyswllt[ _]erthygl[ _]ddethol', u'dolen[ _]ed',
        u'destacado', u'destaca[tu]',
        u'enllaç[ _]ad',
        u'enllaz[ _]ad',
        u'leam[ _]vdc',
        u'legătură[ _]a[bcf]',
        u'liamm[ _]pub',
        u'lien[ _]adq',
        u'lien[ _]ba',
        u'liên[ _]kết[ _]bài[ _]chất[ _]lượng[ _]tốt',
        u'liên[ _]kết[ _]chọn[ _]lọc',
        u'ligam[ _]adq',
        u'link[ _][afgu]a', u'link[ _]adq', u'link[ _]f[lm]', u'link[ _]km',
        u'link[ _]sm', u'linkfa',
        u'na[ _]lotura',
        u'nasc[ _]ar',
        u'tengill[ _][Ăşg]g',
        u'yĂĽm yg',
        u'وصلة مقالة جيدة',
        u'وصلة مقالة مختارة',
    errorCount = 0
    site = pywikibot.getSite()
    # /wiki/ is not always the right path in non-wiki projects
    pathWiki =
    if putText:
        pywikibot.output(u'Loading %s...' % page.title())
    if oldTextGiven == None:
            text = page.get()
        except pywikibot.NoPage:
            if create:
                pywikibot.output(u"%s doesn't exist, creating it!"
                                 % page.title())
                text = u''
                pywikibot.output(u"%s doesn't exist, skip!" % page.title())
                return (False, False, always) # continue
        except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage:
            pywikibot.output(u"%s is a redirect, skip!" % page.title())
            return (False, False, always) # continue
        text = oldTextGiven
    # Understand if the bot has to skip the page or not
    # In this way you can use both -except and -excepturl
    if regexSkipUrl != None:
        url = '%s%s' % (pathWiki, page.urlname())
        result = re.findall(regexSkipUrl, site.getUrl(url))
        if result != []:
u'''Exception! regex (or word) used with -exceptUrl is in the page. Skip!
Match was: %s''' % result)
            return (False, False, always) # continue
    if regexSkip != None:
        result = re.findall(regexSkip, text)
        if result != []:
u'''Exception! regex (or word) used with -except is in the page. Skip!
Match was: %s''' % result)
            return (False, False, always) # continue
    # If not up, text put below
    if not up:
        newtext = text
        # Translating the \\n into binary \n
        addText = addText.replace('\\n', '\n')
        if (reorderEnabled):
            # Getting the categories
            categoriesInside = pywikibot.getCategoryLinks(newtext, site)
            # Deleting the categories
            newtext = pywikibot.removeCategoryLinks(newtext, site)
            # Getting the interwiki
            interwikiInside = pywikibot.getLanguageLinks(newtext, site)
            # Removing the interwiki
            newtext = pywikibot.removeLanguageLinks(newtext, site)
            # nn got a message between the categories and the iw's
            # and they want to keep it there, first remove it
            hasCommentLine = False
            if (site.language()==u'nn'):
                regex = re.compile('(<!-- ?interwiki \(no(?:/nb)?, ?sv, ?da first; then other languages alphabetically by name\) ?-->)')
                found = regex.findall(newtext)
                if found:
                    hasCommentLine = True
                    newtext = regex.sub('', newtext)
            # Adding the text
            newtext += u"\n%s" % addText
            # Reputting the categories
            newtext = pywikibot.replaceCategoryLinks(newtext,
                                                 categoriesInside, site, True)
            #Put the nn iw message back
            if site.language()==u'nn' and (interwikiInside or hasCommentLine):
                newtext = newtext + u'\r\n\r\n' + nn_iw_msg
            # Dealing the stars' issue
            allstars = []
            starstext = pywikibot.removeDisabledParts(text)
            for star in starsList:
                regex = re.compile('(\{\{(?:template:|)%s\|.*?\}\}[\s]*)' % star,
                found = regex.findall(starstext)
                if found != []:
                    newtext = regex.sub('', newtext)
                    allstars += found
            if allstars != []:
                newtext = newtext.strip()+'\r\n\r\n'
                for element in allstars:
                    newtext += '%s\r\n' % element.strip()
            # Adding the interwiki
            newtext = pywikibot.replaceLanguageLinks(newtext, interwikiInside, site)
            # Adding the text
            newtext += u"\n%s" % addText
    # If instead the text must be added above...
        newtext = addText + '\n' + text
    if putText and text != newtext:
        pywikibot.output(u"\n\n>>> \03{lightpurple}%s\03{default} <<<"
                         % page.title())
        pywikibot.showDiff(text, newtext)
    # Let's put the changes.
    while True:
        # If someone load it as module, maybe it's not so useful to put the
        # text in the page
        if putText:
            if not always:
                choice = pywikibot.inputChoice(
                    u'Do you want to accept these changes?',
                    ['Yes', 'No', 'All', 'open in Browser'], ['y', 'N', 'a', 'b'], 'N')
                if choice == 'a':
                    always = True
                elif choice == 'n':
                    return (False, False, always)
                elif choice == 'b':
          "http://%s%s" % (
                    pywikibot.input("Press Enter when finished in browser.")
            if always or choice == 'y':
                    if always:
                        page.put(newtext, summary)
                        page.put_async(newtext, summary)
                except pywikibot.EditConflict:
                    pywikibot.output(u'Edit conflict! skip!')
                    return (False, False, always)
                except pywikibot.ServerError:
                    errorCount += 1
                    if errorCount < 5:
                        pywikibot.output(u'Server Error! Wait..')
                        raise pywikibot.ServerError(u'Fifth Server Error!')
                except pywikibot.SpamfilterError, e:
                        u'Cannot change %s because of blacklist entry %s'
                        % (page.title(), e.url))
                    return (False, False, always)
                except pywikibot.PageNotSaved, error:
                    pywikibot.output(u'Error putting page: %s' % error.args)
                    return (False, False, always)
                except pywikibot.LockedPage:
                    pywikibot.output(u'Skipping %s (locked page)'
                                     % page.title())
                    return (False, False, always)
                    # Break only if the errors are one after the other...
                    errorCount = 0
                    return (True, True, always)
            return (text, newtext, always)
def main():
    # If none, the var is setted only for check purpose.
    summary = None; addText = None; regexSkip = None; regexSkipUrl = None;
    generator = None; always = False
    reorderEnabled = True
    # Load a lot of default generators
    genFactory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory()
    # Put the text above or below the text?
    up = False
    # Loading the arguments
    for arg in pywikibot.handleArgs():
        if arg.startswith('-textfile'):
            if len(arg) == 9:
                textfile = pywikibot.input(
                    u'Which textfile do you want to add?')
                textfile = arg[10:]
        elif arg.startswith('-text'):
            if len(arg) == 5:
                addText = pywikibot.input(u'What text do you want to add?')
                addText = arg[6:]
        elif arg.startswith('-summary'):
            if len(arg) == 8:
                summary = pywikibot.input(u'What summary do you want to use?')
                summary = arg[9:]
        elif arg.startswith('-page'):
            if len(arg) == 5:
                generator = [pywikibot.Page(
                    pywikibot.input(u'What page do you want to use?')
                generator = [pywikibot.Page(pywikibot.getSite(), arg[6:])]
        elif arg.startswith('-excepturl'):
            if len(arg) == 10:
                regexSkipUrl = pywikibot.input(u'What text should I skip?')
                regexSkipUrl = arg[11:]
        elif arg.startswith('-except'):
            if len(arg) == 7:
                regexSkip = pywikibot.input(u'What text should I skip?')
                regexSkip = arg[8:]
        elif arg.startswith('-untagged'):
            if len(arg) == 9:
                untaggedProject = pywikibot.input(
                    u'What project do you want to use?')
                untaggedProject = arg[10:]
            generator = untaggedGenerator(untaggedProject)
        elif arg == '-up':
            up = True
        elif arg == '-noreorder':
            reorderEnabled = False
        elif arg == '-always':
            always = True
        elif arg == '-talk' or arg == '-talkpage':
            talkPage = True
    if textfile and not addText:
        f =, 'r', config.textfile_encoding)
        addText =
    if not generator:
        generator = genFactory.getCombinedGenerator()
    # Check if there are the minimal settings
    if not generator:
        raise NoEnoughData(
            'You have to specify the generator you want to use for the script!')
    if talkPage:
        generator = pagegenerators.PageWithTalkPageGenerator(generator)
        site = pywikibot.getSite()
        for namespace in site.namespaces():
            index = site.getNamespaceIndex(namespace)
            if index%2==1 and index>0:
                namespaces += [index]
        generator = pagegenerators.NamespaceFilterPageGenerator(
            generator, namespaces)
    # Main Loop
    for page in generator:
        (text, newtext, always) = add_text(page, addText, summary, regexSkip,
                                           regexSkipUrl, always, up, True, reorderEnabled=reorderEnabled,
if __name__ == "__main__":

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